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ValvTect Introduces New Tank Dri Water Dispersant

ValvTect has introduced a new technology in water dispersants which is included in ValvTect Tank Dri Water Dispersant and Rust Inhibitor.

ValvTect Tank Dri & Rust Inhibitor is a non-alcohol water dispersant that safely removes water from both gasoline and diesel fuel systems. This eliminates the need to purchase two different products for two different fuel systems.

Removing excess water in the fuel system will help eliminate hesitation due to water contamination, help prevent fuel system corrosion, reduce the possibility of bacteria contamination and prevent fuel filter plugging. Tank Dri also allows the fuel water separator to function properly and helps prevent fuel line freezing.

ValvTect products are available from ValvTect distributors.

For additional information contact ValvTect Petroleum Products at 800-728-8258.