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New ValvTect Premium Marine Diesel Fuel Prevents Bacteria

One of the most serious problems diesel boat owners face is the growth of microbiological contamination (bacteria, yeast, algae, etc.) in diesel fuel. Left unchecked this contamination (commonly called "bugs") can shut an engine down miles off shore, corrode engine and fuel system components and cost thousands of dollars to clean up.

To solve this problem many marinas nationwide now offer a new diesel fuel specially formulated for marine diesel engines to prevent bacteria and other types of microbiological contamination as well as reduce fuel consumption, improve performance and extend engine life. This new diesel fuel, called ValvTect Marine Diesel with BioGuard contains ValvTect Marine Diesel Additive with BioGuard and is pre-blended by the fuel supplier. ValvTect products are manufactured by ValvTect Petroleum Products, one of the largest fuel additive suppliers to large fuel marketers, truck fleets and marinas in the nation.

BioGuard micro-biocide has been documented to prevent all forms of fuel born microbiological growth that contaminate diesel fuel. This microbiological contamination is typically introduced into the boat fuel tank by airborne spores or contaminated fuel deliveries. They breed in the moisture normally present at the bottom of the fuel tank and feed on the hydrocarbon based diesel fuel. As the bacteria grow they form a slime/sludge like substance that can quickly plug fuel filters, restrict fuel to the engine, and totally shut down the engine. Waste created by the bacteria is very corrosive and can destroy fuel system components. Continued use of an effective biocide, such as BioGuard, is the best way to prevent dangerous and very expensive micro-biological contamination of diesel fuel systems.

ValvTect Marine Diesel also contains Diesel Guard Supreme. This highly sophisticated premium diesel additive has been documented to prevent and clean-up fuel injector deposits, stabilize the fuel, disperse moisture, lubricate injectors and pumps and increase the fuels cetane number to provide more complete fuel combustion. Extensive road and laboratory tests have documented up to 7% and 13% reduced fuel consumption, improved engine horsepower output and longer engine life. In addition, the cetane improver can virtually eliminate objectionable smoke, odor and transom soot.

ValvTect Marine Diesel with BioGuard will only be available at Certified ValvTect Marine Fuel Marinas. Each Certified Marina has agreed to provide ValvTect Marine Diesel with BioGuard and ValvTect Marine Gasoline with Ethanol Gas Treatment in accordance with ValvTect’s strict quality control specifications. ValvTect BioGuard and Diesel Guard HeavyDuty/Marine Diesel additives can also be purchased in individual after market containers at marine supply stores and from catalogs nationwide.

To find the location of the nearest Certified ValvTect Marine Fuel Marina click here or call 800-728-VALV (8258).