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ValvTect Diesel Guard Supreme Helps Marketers Meet Premium Diesel Specifications

Diesel Guard Supreme premium diesel additive contains the industrys most advanced detergent package and has outstanding "documented" fuel economy and exhaust emission reduction data to help marketers expand sales of premium diesel. The product, when added to the appropriate diesel fuel, will meet the premium diesel specifications of the National Conference on Weights & Measures (NCWM) and Engine Manufactures Association (EMA) specifications for "Superior" quality diesel fuel.

Diesel Guard Supreme, manufactured by ValvTect Petroleum Products, is one of the few premium diesel additives to have its performance characteristics documented and proven in extensive over the road fleet and laboratory tests. It has been proven to exceed the Cummins L-10 Superior rating (10 CRC deposits or less) for injector deposit cleanliness and provides clean-up of injector deposits. Extensive on-road field testing has documented a 13% improvement of fuel consumption, up to 30% reduction of black smoke and almost 40% reduction of particulates, an important feature to help fleets meet the new state and federal smoke and emission regulations.

Diesel Guard Supreme contains lubricity improver to help meet OEM recommendations, oxidation inhibitor to meet stability requirements, rust/corrosion inhibitor and a demulsifier to control moisture and retard bacteria. Optional cetane improver can increase cetane up to 5 numbers and is available with antigel and deicer additives for cold temperature operability.

ValvTect Petroleum offers fuel marketers a complete co-brand program to help market their private brand premium diesel fuel with Diesel Guard. Diesel Guard signage, brochures and sales support tie-in with national advertising to fleets and independent drivers.

For additional information on Premium Diesel Fuel Specifications, Diesel Guard Supreme and custom marketing programs call ValvTect Petroleum Products at 800-728-8258.