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ValvTect Marine Fuels
Benefits Boaters and Marine Engines

Preventing fuel related problems, such as those caused by ethanol fuel, are more important than ever. Most boaters don't know that using a gasoline or diesel fuel specially formulated for marine engines can significantly reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs, extend marine engine life, and prevent ethanol gas and ultra low sulfur diesel related problems.

Marine engines can use up to 10 times more fuel per hour than the engine in a car or truck because they operate at much higher RPMs and loads than automotive engines. The detergents and other additives in automotive-grade gasoline or truck-grade diesel fuel are typically not effective enough to keep a marine engine's fuel system clean of deposits. They also do not contain additives that help prevent premature wear.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel Fuel are specially formulated for marine engines and operating conditions to prevent and clean up power-robbing deposits. They are test proven to reduce fuel consumption and protect the engine from premature wear. Compared to non-marine grades of gasoline or diesel fuel, ValvTect Marine Fuels contain more detergents, stabilizers, water dispersants and other important additives. ValvTect Marine Fuels also help eliminate the need to use other additives, eliminating the risk of improper additive use and saving time and money.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline contains ValvTect Ethanol Gas Treatment, and is "specially formulated" to prevent ethanol fuel related problems and improve performance. Detergent, fuel stabilizers, moisture dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and combustion modifier help prevent phase separation, clean the entire fuel system of problem-causing deposits, improve combustion, prevent octane loss, stabilize the fuel, disperse moisture and extend engine life. Fuel economy tests indicate ValvTect Marine Gasoline with ValvTect Ethanol Gas Treatment reduces fuel consumption. ValvTect Ethanol Gas Treatment is not available in any other brand of automotive- or marine-grade gasoline.

ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel contains BioGuard micro-biocide and is formulated to keep the fuel free of bacteria, fungi and algae that plug fuel filters, cause corrosion and can shut the engine down. ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel also contains ValvTect's Diesel Guard Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Additive, which prevents and cleans up injector deposits that cause loss of power and poor fuel economy. Fuel economy tests indicate improved fuel economy up to 13.6%. ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel also contains cetane improver, fuel stabilizer, lubricity improvers and moisture dispersant that prevents wear, prevents sludge and significantly extends the life of fuel filters.

ValvTect Marine Fuels are specially formulated to meet the high demands of marine engines and operating conditions and can only be found at Certified ValvTect Marine Fuel marinas. ValvTect Ethanol Gas Treatment, Diesel Guard Heavy Duty Marine Diesel Additive and BioGuard Fuel Biocide can be purchased at most marine supply stores if a marina does not offer ValvTect Marine Fuels.