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Untreated LPG/propane, as it passes through vaporizers and the fuel system, deposits heavy ends that break down and form a gummy/greasy residue. Water deposits in vaporizers & fuel systems not only foul the fuel, they can freeze, blocking the flow of fuel. These problems inhibit performance, requiring disassembly and clean-up of the fuel system components. This results in increased operating costs, equipment down time and maintenance costs. LPG/propane treated with VAPO-KLEEN™ is the perfect low-cost premium solution for you and your customers to help greatly reduce these problems.

VAPO-KLEEN™ with CH25X® is a unique, technology for propane systems, formulated to clean direct & indirect fired vaporizers in process systems. VAPO-KLEEN™ softens and removes long chain, "heavy end" deposits to prevent their interference with the gas delivery system. It also disperses water to safely remove it. Dispersing and removing water prevents freezing and steel tank deterioration in these fuel systems. The result is a cleaner fuel system, more efficient burning, reduced equipment down time, and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

Use of VAPO-KLEEN™ Premium LPG/Propane Tank Cleaning Additive with CH25X® Technology also helps reduce exhaust emissions. This promotes a healthier work environment, reduces exposure to potential environmental fines and prevents possible shut down.

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Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • Helps remove and prevent heavy end buildup in tanks and lines
  • Cleans direct and indirect fired vaporizers, increasing their efficiency
  • Prevents deposits in vaporizers and downstream regulators/gas valves
  • Helps prevent corrosion and stabilizes fuel

Provides Performance Enhancing Properties

  • Helps disperse water, and prevent icing, greatly reducing or eliminating the need to use harmful methanol
  • Helps remove tank scale and other deposits as part of a maintenance program
  • Helps hold insoluble foreign matter in suspension
  • Increases combustion efficiency in all fuel phases, resulting in improved fuel economy

Reduces Harmful Emissions

  • Reduces CO (carbon monoxide) and HC (hydrocarbon) emissions with continued use
  • Proprietary chemistry reduces harmful gasses, improving air quality