• Kills Bacteria and Other Harmful Micro-Organisms
  • Dual Phase Chemistry, Designed to Work in All Types of Diesel Fuels
  • Fast Acting, as little as 4 Hours for Complete Kill
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs and Down Time

Bacteria and fungi can grow in diesel fuel tanks causing bio-contamination appearing like a black stringy slime or sludge. This contamination can cause equipment to shut down by plugging filters. This acidic slime and sludge contamination can corrode tanks and engine parts.

Typical applications include marine, farm, truck fleet, industrial, home heat, generators, and railroad storage tanks. Formulas are available for both bulk treatment and consumer use. BioGuard Microbiocide for bulk treatment is a concentrated dual soluble formula for use in Gasoline and Diesel available in gallons for ease of handling and storage. Each gallon of the concentrated formula treats between 2500 gallons and 7500 gallons of fuel depending on the application.


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