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Turnkey Marketing Programs To Expand Sales, Develop Customer Loyalty and Increase Profit Margins.

Lumin™ Performance Enhanced LPG Products and BlueMoon® LPG Filtration Systems are backed by turnkey marketing and merchandising programs to help you differentiate your propane products and business from the competition. Signs, truck & tank decals, canopies and pump dressings are available to promote branding and are supported by product marketing and educational materials to accelerate sales and build customer loyalty for Lumin™ premium propane products.

SALES MATERIALS & CUSTOMER BROCHURES: Use Lumin™ and BlueMoon® Filtration Systems sell sheets, product brochures and technical materials to sell and educate your customers about the unique advantages and cost savings that "performance enhanced" premium propane products with CH25X™ Technology offer over competitive brands.

  • Customer Sell Sheets
  • Product Brochures
  • SDS's'
  • Feature/Benefit Sheets
  • Personalized Materials

LOCATION BRANDING, MERCHANDISING & SIGNAGE: Use Lumin™ and BlueMoon® Filtration Systems branded location and equipment signage to identify and leverage the branding power of premium propane for your business.

  • Tank/Cylinder Decals
  • Truck Decals
  • Canopy Imaging
  • Location Signs
  • Pump Dressing (toppers, Skirts, decals, etc.)

Contact ValvTect Petroleum Products today to differentiate and communicate the superiority of your propane products with Lumin™ and BlueMoon® Filtration Systems branded marketing and merchandising materials.

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