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Advanced Multi-Stage BlueMoon® LPG Filtration Systems Remove Up To 95% of Water, Heavy Oils and Particulate Impurities From LPG.


BlueMoon® advanced 4-stage filtration systems are design to remove particulates, water, heavy oils and other impurities down to 5-micron in size from LPG. The result is a super clean burning fuel that can boost performance, lower maintenance and downtime expenses, extend equipment life, and cut environmental emissions.

STAGE 1: The first stage of the BlueMoon® filtering process is designed to trap and retain water, heavy oils and small to medium size particulates (20 - 40 micron), along with most sulfur. As fuel passes through the first filter, water droplets collide to form larger droplets which fall out of the fuel flow along with heavier particulates.

STAGE 2: The second stage's low micron grid is designed with space before and after to allow lighter, medium size particulates and droplets to collide and form larger, heavier droplets. These smaller droplets (down to 20-micron) will be retained by the filter, or allowed to become larger and drop back to the first stage through a combination of particulate attraction and fluid movement designed to prolong filter life.

STAGE 3 The third stage of the filtering process contains a 10-micron ceramic coalescer and very low micron grid. Any small particulates, water droplets and heavy oils reaching this stage do not follow a perfect flow path, but randomly collide allowing the filter's wall and filter media to form encapsulating droplets down to 10-micron in size that are captured by the filter.

STAGE 4: The fourth and final filter stage is comprised of a 5-micron ceramic coalescer and extremely low micron grid. It provides an optimum non-channel filter media structure with rough surfaces serving as obstacles to the flow path. This causes finer water, heavy oils and particulate molecules to collide with one another until they become large enough to be trapped by the extremely low micron filter media. As most impurities have already been removed up to this point, the 5-m icron filter stage is able to work more efficiently and sustain a longer filter life.

Combine BlueMoon® LPG Filtration Systems With Lumin™ Performance Enhanced LPG Products for Maximum Effect.

Ask your sales representative how to combine BlueMoon® LPG Filtration Systems with Lumin™ Performance Enhanced LPG Products to maximize LPG power output and cost efficiencies.

BlueMoon® LPG Filtration Systems come in a variety of sizes and flow rates to accommodate the filtering needs of large LPG storage and transfer facilities, down to forklifts and tow-motors.