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HGX-3® with CH25X® Technology is the new standard of economy, performance and safety for gases used in metalworking processes. It is a superior high temperature, high heat content fuel gas that is available worldwide. The neutral flame temperature along with higher heat emission from the primary and secondary flames allows for faster heat transfer. This provides faster brazing and metal working operations which reduces valuable employee labor costs.

HGX-3® Cutting Fuel Additive with CH25X® Technology contains a balanced compound of organic materials in a pure hydrocarbon solvent. The combustion catalyst inhibits the formation of molten slag, changing it into a material which is vaporized in the burning process and deposited in a dry form. The result is a smooth surface after cutting that requires little to no preparation prior to welding. When comparing HGX-3® Premium Hot Gas against other fuel gases and acetylene, it provides better, faster cutting performance and reduced operational costs, all at the most economical price.

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Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • More cost economical than the equivalent amounts of acetylene or propylene
  • Exceeds the flame temperature of most cutting fuels
  • Uses significantly lower quantities of oxygen
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates the time/labor needed to machine surfaces after the cut

Provides Performance Enhancing Properties

  • Faster preheat and piercing rates for cutting, including bevel cuts
  • Faster cutting travel speeds in mediums up to 15 inches in thickness
  • Reduces or eliminates slag formation resulting in smoother cuts
  • Helps promote faster heat transfer for brazing, bending, cambering, straightening, hardening and melting operations

Reduces Harmful Emissions

  • Non-toxic: Use creates no annoying fumes or dangerous by-products
  • No torch backfire and is non-sensitive to shock, with a low explosive range
  • Proprietary chemistry reduces harmful gasses (NOx and Unburned hydrocarbons)