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Diesel Guard Supreme™

Today’s sophisticated diesel engines depend on a superior grade of diesel fuel for maximum fuel economy, power and emission control. Diesel Guard Supreme premium diesel fuel additive is specially formulated for today’s high performance diesel engines.

Cleans-up Injector Deposits
Injector deposit build-up can cause poor injector spray patterns that reduces engine performance. Diesel Guard Supreme prevents the formation of deposits as well as cleans up existing deposits as documented by the "Superior" rating in the Cummins L-10 Injector Depositing Test, Peugeot Coking Test and extensive field studies.

  • Fuel Economy Improvement *
    • Light Duty up to 13.6%
    • Heavy Duty up to 7.5%
  • Reduced Black Smoke 30% *
  • Reduced Particulates 39% *
     * test data available

Improved Injector Pattern

Maintains Fuel Stability
Fuel stability is essential to prevent formation of insolubles and sludge, formed by high engine temperatures and extended storage. These insolubles plug filters and injectors. Diesel Guard Supreme provides improved thermal and storage stability to meet or exceed industry and engine manufacture standards.

  • Longer Filter Life
  • Protection Against Oxidation
  • Lowers Maintenance Costs
  • Extends Engine Life

Fuel Aging Test

Improves Lubricity
Low sulfur/aromatic diesel fuel can cause premature wear and scuffing of pumps and injectors. Wear that can lead to premature failure and expensive repairs. Diesel Guard Supreme contains a lubricity improver to prevent premature pump and injector wear that meets pump manufacturer’s requirements.

  • Protection Against Wear
  • Lowers Maintenance Costs
  • Meets Manufacturers Requirements
  • Improves Fuel Lubricity

Wear Scar Chart

Controls Water and Moisture
Water is always present in diesel fuel. It causes corrosion, sludge, filter plugging and icing in winter. Diesel Guard Supreme contains demulsifier to separate water and fuel in storage tanks and a dispersant to disperse a controlled amount of moisture in the vehicle fuel tank to keep it dry.

  • Prevents Fuel/Water Emulsions
  • Prevents Sludge
  • Reduces Corrosion


Prevents Rust and Corrosion
Condensation or free water corrode tanks and engine components, reduce engine life and increase maintenance costs. Diesel Guard Supreme contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect engine components and tanks from corrosion.

  • Prevents Rust and Corrosion
  • Meets NACE Test Standards
  • Extends Engine Life
  • Lowers Maintenance Costs

NACE Rust Test

Cetane Improvement (optional)
High cetane fuel reduces smoke, exhaust emissions and improves cold temperature starts. Various levels of cetane improver are in Diesel Guard Supreme to meet market and regulatory requirements.

  • Improve Cold Temperature Starts
  • Reduces Smoke and Particulate Emissions

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Cold Temperature Improvement (optional)
Diesel Guard Supreme Antigel/Deicer formula contains the most effective cold flow improvers, heavy wax modifiers and deicer in the industry. It helps prevent filter plugging due to wax and icing at sub-zero temperatures.

  • Cold Temperature Improvements
    • CFPP
    • LTFT
  • Prevents Icing

Wax Crystal Formation

Certified Diesel Guard Programs For Fleets, Truckstops, Cardlocks, and Heavy Duty/Off-Road Diesel fuel applications

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