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Diesel Guard XP Marine Fuel Lumin Bioguard

ValvTect Petroleum Products

ValvTect Petroleum Products is the industry's largest supplier of High Performance Diesel, High Performance Winterized Diesel, Heating Oil and Gasoline additives to Fuel Distributors, Truck Stops, Fleets, Marinas, Railroads, Terminals and Refiners nationwide. ValvTect also supplies a complete line of propane gas additives and BlueMoon filters and filtration systems to propane and gas distributors and dealers. Our registered trademarks Diesel Guard, XP+, EA (Energy Additives), BioGuard and ValvTect Marine Fuels represent not only quality fuels sold to millions of consumers but are also supported by marketing programs, in field technical expertise and the most current advanced formulas to meet the demands for the ever-changing fuels that are available. We specialize in providing solutions for you and your customers' fuel problems at an economical cost.