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Diesel Guard™ Supreme Common Rail Detergent (CRD)

High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) Diesel Engines Have Injector and Filter Problems

New HPCR electronic injection engines develop different problems than older mechanical injection engines due to extreme pressure (30,000 psi) and high temperatures (+400F) that occur in the injectors. These cause the fuel to break down (coke) and create "asphaltene" like material (deposits).

These deposits cause the injectors to "stick" and prematurely plug fuel filters. The results are increased fuel consumption, loss of power, expensive replacement of injectors and vehicle down time.

The Best Solution to Prevent and Solve HPCR Engine Problems is Diesel Guard™ Supreme CRD

Diesel Guard™ Supreme CRD is specially formulated to prevent and clean-up internal injector deposits and prematurely plugged fuel filters in high pressure common rail and mechanical engines. It also contains VT 101TM lubricity improver that provides extra lubrication to injectors and fuel pumps.

How Does Diesel Guard™ Supreme CRD Work?

Diesel Guard™ Supreme CRD works by improving the thermal stability of the ULSD fuel. This prevents the oxidation (coking) that causes "ashphaltene" like substances that stick to injectors and fuel filters.

Used at a "Maintenance" treat rate, it prevents internal injector and fuel filter deposits. Used at a "Clean-Up" treat rate, it cleans-up existing deposits to help keep the injectors and fuel filters in "like new" condition to restore lost power and fuel economy.

Diesel Guard™ Supreme CRD Provides the Following Benefits
  • Improves Thermal Stability of the Fuel
  • Cleans-up/Prevents "Asphaltene" like Material
  • Cleans-up Existing Injector Deposits
  • Keeps Injectors and Fuel Filters Clean
  • Lubricates Injectors and Fuel Pumps
  • Prevents "Sticky" Injectors
  • Restores Lost Power and Fuel Economy
  • Meets/Exceeds DW10 and XUD9 Perrformance

Maximize Fuel Economy, Prevent Downtime, Reduce Maintenance Expenses. . .