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ValvTect Marine Fuels Press Releases

Lakeland Boating Ask the Expert 03-11
ValvTect Founder Jerry Nessenson is an expert on fuel issues including formulations specific to marine engines.
The Solution for Ethanol Problems
Read the Sea Ray Living article from Summer 2009 about Valvtect Ethanol Treatments.
Find ValvTect Fuels at Cooperating Marinas
From the Boat US Membership E-Newsletter June 10, 2009, read the article "Find ValvTect Fuels at Cooperating Marinas"
Pump It Up With ValvTect Marine Fuels
Read this article from the Fall 2007 issue of Sea Ray Living.
No E15 at ValvTect Certified Marinas
ValvTect will not certify marina locations that sell E15.
Reduce Pain at the Pump with ValvTect Marine Fuels
Fuel economy is important to boater's. ValvTect Marine Fuels can help improve your boating experience.