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ValvTect Marine Diesel Additives

ValvTect BioGuard™ PLUS 6

BioGuard® Plus 6™ is the ONLY EPA registered diesel additive that combines a biocide with a multi-functional diesel additive to prevent bacteria, algae and all other major diesel related problems.

BioGuard Plus 6 is the perfect solution for ultra low sulfur diesel and biodiesel problems; such as bacteria, algae, excess water, sludge, filter plugging, injector wear & deposits, poor fuel economy and unstable fuel.

Only BioGuard Plus 6 prevents bacteria and algae growth, plus:

  • Stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Lubricates pumps and injectors
  • Cleans-up injector deposits
  • Disperses moisture
  • Increases cetane

ValvTect BioGuard Plus 6
"Itís ALL Your Diesel Fuel Needs!"

32 oz Bottle treats 375 Gallons
1 Gallon Bottle treats 1500 Gallons
Also available in 2.5 Gallon Plastic Bottles, 55 Gallon Drums and 300 Gallon Totes

BioGuard ULS Fuel Microbiocide

BioGuard is an EPA registered dual soluble (fuel & water) microbiocide that effectively kills bacteria and fungi that grow in diesel fuel, heating oil and gasoline. BioGuard also prevents bacteria caused filter plugging and bacteria caused corrosion of the fuel system.

BioGuard typically works in 2-3 hours versus 24-36 hours needed by other biocide products. BioGuard has also been found to be up to twice as effective as other biocides.

BioGuard can be used in all diesel and gasoline bulk tanks and vehicle tanks, including marine, farm, truck fleet, home heat, generators, and railroad storage tanks.

  • Kills bacteria and other biocontamination quickly
  • Twice as effective as other biocides
  • Breaks up sludge and slime
  • Prevents bacteria plugged filters
  • Prevents bacteria caused corrosion
  • Bottle contains easy measuring spout

16 oz. container treats 460 gallons of diesel fuel at the initial kill treat rate.
16 oz. container treats 920 gallons of diesel fuel at the maintenance treat rate.


Diesel Guard Heavy Duty/Marine Diesel Additive

Diesel Guard Heavy Duty/Marine diesel additive is the industryís most complete multifunctional premium diesel additive with cetane improver. Diesel Guard Heavy Duty/Marine diesel additive upgrades typical No. 2 diesel fuel to a high cetane premium diesel. It is documented in fleet and laboratory tests to significantly improve engine performance, increase fuel economy, and reduce exhaust emissions. Typical applications include marine, and other heavy duty diesel applications.

Use of Diesel Guard Heavy Duty/Marine Diesel Additive helps to:

  • Stabilize fuel to prevent sludge
  • Reduce smoke, exhaust emissions, and odor
  • Provide thermal and storage stability
  • Increase cetane up to 4 numbers
  • Exceed L-10 Superior injector cleanliness rating (10 CRC max)
  • Clean up injector deposits
  • Exceed OEM lubricity standards
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Prevent filter plugging
  • Increase filter life
  • Improve fuel economy up to 13.6%
  • Demulsify water

Available in a 32 oz. container that treats 250 gallons of diesel fuel.


ValvTect Marine Gasoline and Diesel Stabilizer

For all gasoline and diesel engines. Keeps fuel fresh and allows for easier starts after periods of storage. Contains antioxidant to prevent rust and corrosion. Safe for use in all 2 & 4 cycle engines. Contains no alcohol.

  • Keeps fuel fresh for quicker starts
  • No need to drain fuel for storage
  • Prevents fuel deterioration, gum and varnish
  • For all gasoline AND diesel engines

8 oz. treats 40 gallons gas/ 80 gallons diesel.
16 oz. treats 80 gallons gas/ 160 gallons diesel.
32 oz. treats 160 gallons gas/ 320 gallons diesel.

ValvTect Marine Premium Fogging Oil

Protects all internal engine parts from rust and corrosion during storage. Safe for use in all 2 and 4 cycle gasoline engines, and diesel engines.

  • Coats internal engine parts
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Long lasting
  • Prevents seizing
  • For all gasoline AND diesel engines

Available in 12 oz. spray can.

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